Tombi Game pink-haired wild child

The eponymous protagonist, Tombi, is a pink-haired wild child on a quest to retrieve his grandfather’s stolen bracelet from seven ‘Evil Pigs.’ Leveraging a blend of platforming gameplay and RPG elements, players guide Tombi Game through a variety of missions, gaining experience and Adventurer Points (AP) along the way. Notably, the game features significant differences across its international versions, ranging from intro music to UI design.

Tombi’s Plot

The game introduces us to Tombi, a bold and wild young man with pink hair, characterized by his iconic shorts. The story revolves around Tombi’s fight against seven “Evil Pigs”, creatures that use magical powers to transform the continent into a strange and surreal place. The Koma Pigs, henchmen of the Evil Pigs, commit a massive gold theft and also take away Tombi’s grandfather’s bracelet. Thus, Tombi’s challenge is to liberate the cursed areas of the continent, defeat the Evil Pigs, and recover the precious bracelet.


Game Mechanics in Tombi

Tombi is an excellent hybrid that combines elements of a 2D platform game with aspects of RPGs. Our heroic character can defeat his enemies in various ways: by jumping on them, throwing them, or using his weapon to stun them. As you progress in the game, Tombi gains experience that allows unlocking useful abilities, such as the fire shield or the double jump.

The game features a mission system. Upon completing them, Tombi receives Adventurer Points (AP), which can be used to open boxes containing useful items. Out of a total of 130 missions, only 70 are necessary to advance in the main story, while the remaining are optional side missions that, although not essential, contribute to the complete game experience.

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Tombi Game Characteristics

CharacteristicDescriptionGame TypePlatform, Action, AdventureCreatorWhoopee Camp Co. Ltd.PublisherSony Computer EntertainmentPlatformPlayStationRelease Year1997 (Japan), 1998 (North America & PAL Region)Gameplay Features2D platforming, RPG elements, mission systemMain CharacterTombiSequelTombi! 2: The Evil Swine Return (1999)

Differences Between Tombi Versions

Although the essence of the Tombi game remains constant, there are notable differences between the Japanese, American, and European versions. These differences range from the introduction music to the game’s interface and menus. Aesthetic differences can also be noticed, such as the use of the exclamation mark in the name of Tomba in non-Japanese versions, or the variation of sound effects between the demo and the final version.

Features are the special abilities and skills that a person or object has

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main objective in Tombi?

The main objective is to liberate the cursed areas of the continent, defeat the seven “Evil Pigs”, and recover Tombi’s grandfather’s stolen bracelet.

Who is the main character in the Tombi game?

The main character in Tombi is a wild, pink-haired young man named Tombi.

What are the RPG elements in Tombi?

The RPG elements in Tombi include a mission system, gaining experience to level up abilities, and an inventory system.

What is the unique feature of Tombi’s gameplay?

Tombi’s gameplay stands out for its fusion of 2D platforming with RPG elements and a mission system.

Are there any differences between the Japanese and American versions of Tombi?

Yes, there are differences in aspects such as the introduction music, the game’s interface and menus, and certain aesthetic elements like the use of the exclamation mark in the name of Tomba in non-Japanese versions.

What are Adventurer Points (AP) in Tombi and what are they used for?

Adventurer Points (AP) are awarded upon completing missions in Tombi. They can be used to open boxes containing useful items.

Was there a sequel to the original Tombi game?

Yes, a sequel titled Tombi! 2: The Evil Swine Return was released in 1999.